How Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Can Be The Ideal Topic For Native History

Posted on: 5 August 2022

If you are a student of Native American history, you may find yourself facing an essay or term paper. In most cases, the term paper topic should cover lasting impressions or history of the native tribe you choose. Reservations are one of the ways native culture works to strengthen their remaining tribes while also offering a bit of history to the tribe average citizens may not be aware of. One such reservation is the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation located in South Dakota. Here are some key facts to know about the reservation and how you can build on those facts to make the reservation your ideal native history term topic. 

Size of the Reservation

One of the first things you should know about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation deals with the size of the entire reservation. This reservation takes up nearly all of the state of Dakota. This includes four different large counties and the Great Sioux Reservation. This large mass of property puts the reservation as the second largest reservation in the United States. Though the property may seem mass and more than accommodating, there are some issues. The main issues deal with weather and the lack of agricultural suitable working land. 


You may not think ecology would be a strong fact regarding the reservation. This is especially true when you consider the issues the area has with workable land. However, you may find it surprising that reservation actually falls on an ecological transition table. This area is known as a mixed grass prairie. A large number of animals, including several endangered species, are part of this mixed grass area. You can also find several plants that are indigenous to one area.  The ecology has also played a large part in the outcomes of several historical milestones throughout the entirety of the reservation. 

Grassroots Movements

There have been many native grassroots movements to spring from within the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. These movements have been in the name of peace, land ownership, and disputes. The most recent grassroots movements to move through the reservation deal with environmental protection issues. For example, there have been several movements declared to help protect the land while ensuring irrigation and other assistance can help bring more food and workable land to the area. 

Keep in mind, there are many aspects of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation you should consider for a term paper or other type of research. You can use the facts here as a starting point for your research. As you begin to research you may have questions that are not easily answered. Contact the tribal reservation office for assistance. They may be able to answer the question or guide you in the direction of the answers you need. 


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