Orchestrate A Blood Drive On Your Educational Facility's Grounds

Posted on: 6 January 2021

Orchestrating a mobile blood drive that will be conducted on your educational center's property can be a rewarding experience for participants and the future recipients of the blood products collected. Informing your student body and their families about the proposed drive may encourage people to take part in the effort.

Find Out How The Drive Works

A mobile blood drive can be set up through a local chapter of the Red Cross or a private entity that collects donations for targeted causes. A bloodmobile is a vehicle that contains all of the equipment necessary for a drive. The vials, syringes, seating, informational pamphlets, and storage containers are housed within the confines of a vehicle.

There may be a few people who oversee the event. This may include licensed nurses and aides. After choosing the donation organization that you wish to collaborate with, request written information about the donation process. Many organization leaders will provide reading materials that can be handed out to a targeted audience, both before and during a drive.

If you would like to give your students and families advance notice about the proposed drive, schedule a date and timeframe in which the drive will take place and request pamphlets that can be handed out to your student body. Pamphlets will provide information about how the donated blood will be collected, what a participant's duties are, and what one can experience during an active donation session.

Make The Event Special

A blood drive will help to save lives, and that may be your main motivator for planning this type of event, but there are additional ways to make the activity enticing. Hosting a drive that will be held after school has let out for the day or on a weekend may support your wish to add another activity to the drive.

For instance, if you reserve a time slot for a weekend and the bloodmobile will be on the premises for a couple of hours, you can plan a movie viewing, a board game session, or an arts and crafts fair. The alternate event can be held throughout the drive, allowing students and their families to enjoy a night out.

The drive itself will only require a few minutes of each person's time. Some blood donation organizations provide beverages and snacks after donation. This will allow each person to swiftly access the bloodmobile, have their blood drawn, enjoy the refreshments, and exit the vehicle to participate in the alternate activity.


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