Tips For Running A Successful Movember Campaign

Posted on: 14 January 2020

If you're keen on raising awareness and funds for men's health issues — namely, prostate cancer — you might decide to take part in the creative fundraiser of Movember. Each November, many men grow mustaches over the course of the month, seeking donations from people in their lives. It's highly possible that multiple men in your social circle will be taking part in Movember, which means that you want your campaign to stand out. People rely heavily on social media for their Movember campaigns. Here are some tips that you can use to have an effective fundraiser.

Make It Personal

There are definitely some men who take part in Movember simply because they want to grow a silly mustache, but this may not be the case for you. If you're lending your time and efforts to raise funds for prostate cancer, it may be because you have a personal story. For example, maybe your grandfather died of this type of cancer when you were young, meaning that you never got to know him well. Launch your social media campaign by sharing this personal story. Virtually everyone can relate to the idea of losing a loved one to cancer, and this impact can get people interested in your campaign.

Provide Frequent Photos

Of course, the process of growing a mustache can be funny to witness. Unless you grow facial hair quickly and thickly, you might have a thin and unappealing mustache for the first part of the month. There's nothing wrong with that — but you'll want to share frequent photos to give people a chuckle. Remember, each time that you share an update photo, you're reminding people about your Movember campaign. Someone who may have wanted to donate early on but forgot to do so will again be reminded of your efforts and will hopefully donate a few dollars.

Thank Your Donors

It may seem like common sense to thank those who contribute to your campaign, but this is something that many people forget with online fundraisers. You'll stand apart from many of your peers by taking a moment to send a social media direct message, a text message, or an email to each of your donors. When possible, thank them in person, too. Many men take part in Movember annually, and if you show gratitude for your donors now, they may remember and want to support your fundraising campaign next year, too.


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